What is a VTC?
A VTC is a Virtual Truck Company, created by people, for people who enjoy playing the game with like-minded individuals who are able to offer ideas and thoughts to improve their gameplay.

The aim of a VTC
To allow players another element of gameplay experience which is done by creating a Multiplayer element to a single player game. To build and compare levels, create friendships, offer advice and more importantly offer support

Wanting to join a VTC?
Do you enjoy trucking and meeting new people? Looking for a vtc that cares about its drivers? Then look no further Team_IG LOGISTICS is the place for you! Team_IG LOGISTICS is focused on providing a professional and fun environment Two convoys per week and daily meetups

We use three applications

1 Truckers MP
2 Virtual Truck Log
3 Discord

Truckers mp
you will need this to drive with other members/friends for convoys and meetups and this is a great way to get to know one another!

Virtual Truck log
allows for automatic logging of all your journeys once installed and connected you don't have to do a thing not even open any apps!

is an essential part that you will need. This is where you will be able to join voice chat to communicate with members and staff during the convoy and meetups.

Rules are really simple
1 Respect all other members of Team_IG LOGISTICS
2 You can be part of another vtc, this is why we use Virtual Truck Log and not truck book
3 Respect the rules of discord and truckers mp!
4 Respect the rules of the company!
5 The most important rule is to HAVE FUN!

                                                                                                                                            Here are the official coloursfor Team_IG VTC


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Jobs logged

434,552 km

Distance driven

97,681 t

Cargo moved

138,478 L

Fuel used